Quality Service Review (QSR):
QSR is a learning process that provides a way of knowing what is working or not working at the point-of-practice (where services and supports in a community meet the youth and families in that community). The outcomes of the reviews are used to guide next steps for improving practice as well as better coordinating local resources and supports, which should lead to better outcomes.

Through interviews of all those involved in the life of a child/youth and their family, QSR is able to help us to better understand they are doing currently, what is working and the opportunities for improvement. These reviews also assist in noticing themes or patterns so changes can be made at the system level as well.

We continue to expand and grow our QSR efforts in New Mexico, if you are interested in learning more or being involved please contact Tami Spellbring

Video Clip About Quality Service Review (QSR):




Check out the Report from the Santa Fe QSR from 2013: